Spooky Dawson Marketing Group offers affordable web design in Bend, Oregon

Here are just a few reasons why Spooky Dawson might be the right fit for your web design needs in Bend, Oregon:

1.  Spooky Dawson's web design portfolio speaks for itself.  BackDropDistilling.com, TerraSteelDesign.com and YetiSnack.com, just to mention a few. 

2.  Spooky Dawson builds a website the client can manage without even knowing anything about web design.  This prevents a client from having to pay outrageous maintenance charges for making simple changes. 

3.  Spooky Dawson incorporates psychology into the web design.  Most web design companies are only just that, whereas Spooky Dawson is also a marketing company, bringing the correct psychological progression to the design of the website.  

4.  AFFORDABLE - Because web design is an inflated industry, Spooky Dawson's web design comes in usually at half the price of any other company with twice the quality. We only charge our client's for our time.  That's it.  No inflated charges. 

Spooky Dawson LLC Marketing Group of Bend, Oregon focuses on what clients need in order to achieve 'success by design'. Web Design is not just about knowing HTML; web design is marketing...  as your website design is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Whether you're trying to reach the Central Oregon, Bend, Oregon, or national markets with your web design presence, first impressions mean the difference between an action that leads to ROI or a potential client to end up with your competition.

See how Spooky Dawson's affordable web design services in Bend, Oregon can help YOUR brand next! 

Spooky Dawson offers affordable web design services in Bend, Oregon

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Advanced Marketing Solutions

We believe a brand should live outside the box.  Creating something memorable through all marketing mediums is an artform.  One of our favorite designs falls under the brand BackDrop Distilling.  This bottle design was one of our favorite marketing projects thus far...

Marketing Bend Oregon


Web design is an artform.  In fact, web design should feature a beautiful layout, brilliant search engine optimization & of course be easy for clients to manage.  We make websites our clients 'can' manage saving them tons of money long term.  Our websites are clean, beautiful & easy to make changes to.  Proud to be Bend Oregon's marketing company featuring all marketing services including of course beautiful and affordable web design!  


A Non-Dependency Marketing

Group In Bend Oregon!

Listening to our client's marketing needs is always the first move.  Each industry demands custom marketing to be written and executed.  "Finding that one outside the box recipe for each client is key inside the world of marketing.  There is no box is one of my favorite sayings when it comes to marketing.  Bend Oregon is unique, but whether it's a national, regional or local client we bring branding at the highest level and are able to work inside our clients budgets."

We can account for the ROI our clients receive as our marketing is measurable.  Teaching the programs we create in marketing is key as we are a non-dependency marketing company making sure our marketing clients can continue on without us after the job is done.  Most marketing companies try to keep a client as long as they can.  We don't see it that way.  We believe that all programs should be internalized.  That means our marketing clients get the outside the box service and conceptual and are able to carry it on without a long term residual marketing bill.  

Cheers to all our marketing clients.  We appreciate your business & look forward to many more industries to come!  


All Inclusive Marketing Options

Being all inclusive for our brands has given us an edge.  Combining Marketing, Web Design, Social Media & Screen Printing brings our clients a one stop marketing shop to rock their brand right out of Bend Oregon.  

Our work is backed up by testimonials and and a portfolio that speaks for itself... like this beer label we rocked for one of our favorite clients, "Distinctive Dentistry" that brought a nice Bend Oregon feel to his brand and something he could give out to his clients to show appreciation.  We bring the heat and an outside the box approach to any marketing we touch.  


Spooky Dawson has been fulfilling Bend, Oregon's screen printing needs for several years now.

And we're happy to keep that tradition alive. Over the years, Spooky Dawson has become a central part of Bend, building integral relationships with local businesses that go beyond the business basics. It's like we're family now.

Spooky Dawson would love to bring your Bend business into its screen printing family... just click here to get started.

Spooky Dawson screen printing services in Bend Oregon

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Spooky Dawson is the event marketing mastermind behind many Bend, Oregon events you know + love

There's always an event happening here in Bend, Oregon. What you don't see is all the blood, sweat + tears that happen behind the scenes to pull each event off smoothly. Spooky Dawson has been the event marketing mastermind behind many an event you've been to in Bend, Oregon.

And we're about to pull off another one.

Kegger For The Cure is happening tomorrow night at the Century Center. Adventure Medics wanted to throw a community bash to celebrate their first year of offering event medic services, and wanted to give back to the community of Bend while they were at it! They decided to donate proceeds from the night to Tour des Chutes, in support of cancer survivors.

Now, to pull it all together. Haggen Northwest Fresh signed on as the main sponsor, and Healthy Bend Dental Implant Center signed on as a supporting sponsor. Spooky Dawson helped create the event theme, logistics, pulling vendors + sponsors together, and now we're in GO mode for the event itself. Spooky Dawson's social marketing services meant that we created posters, tickets, signage and have taken to the social media marketing channels, as well.

We're in the home stretch, and it's all coming together. Tomorrow we get to work the event and CELEBRATE another event marketing success!

Spooky Dawson event marketing in Bend, Oregon - Kegger For The Cure

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Screen Printing awesomeness is happening in Bend, Oregon

True story. Someone walked into our Spooky Dawson offices this morning and said they'd tried lots of other screen printing places in Bend, Oregon and hadn't been happy with the results. And they'd tried LOTS of screen printing companies in/near Bend, Oregon. But having stopped by Spooky Dawson for something before, and remembering how friendly AWESOME we were, they popped in to give US a shot.

And they were blown away by the Spooky Dawson treatment. Our Bend, Oregon screen printing services are pretty spectacular, especially when combined with the custom work and spectacular pricing offered. They left REALLY excited to be working with Spooky Dawson, and we're excited to be able to offer them exactly what they'd been after! 

Spooky Dawson - screen printing in Bend, Oregon

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Screen printing that doesn't suck... right here in Bend, Oregon

Spooky Dawson is at it again... lots of custom screens loaded up on our screen printing press here in Bend, Oregon. Because brands are ready for something that's NOT boring, and Spooky Dawson is happy to help with Bend, Oregon screen printing that doesn't suck!

Spooky Dawson helps Bend, Oregon brands with their screen printing from concept through execution, so the result is something custom-made and unlike other screen printed shirts already out there!

Contact Spooky Dawson to start YOUR Bend, Oregon screen printing process!

Spooky Dawson - screen printing in Bend, Oregon

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Screen printed tees, hot off the press from Spooky Dawson!

Just finished some awesome distressed swag for our friends at Piece of Mind Bend! Who's digging this vintage style?

No pesky screen charges (first screen is on us)! Freeing you to do what is best for your branding.
Spooky Dawson LLC on Custom Screen Printing in Bend, Oregon and beyond:

  • Complimentary digital mock-ups of your design to make sure you are happy with the design and placement.
  • Custom Graphic Design Available. Fees May Vary.
  • Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and much more available with our screen printing.

Custom printed shirts are a whole new world when you have an actual marketing company that has a custom screen printing department doing the job of keeping your brand intact. In business the exposure your brand generates when featured on your shirts. Custom printed apparel can be a brands best friend in the marketing arena if it is done correctly. Unique location placement, quality garments, and the marketing touch of Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon. Custom printed t-shirts are not just for fashion statements, they are for growing your brand. Because you never know... you could be the next big fashion trend in Bend.