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Spooky Dawson is the event marketing mastermind behind many Bend, Oregon events you know + love

There's always an event happening here in Bend, Oregon. What you don't see is all the blood, sweat + tears that happen behind the scenes to pull each event off smoothly. Spooky Dawson has been the event marketing mastermind behind many an event you've been to in Bend, Oregon.

And we're about to pull off another one.

Kegger For The Cure is happening tomorrow night at the Century Center. Adventure Medics wanted to throw a community bash to celebrate their first year of offering event medic services, and wanted to give back to the community of Bend while they were at it! They decided to donate proceeds from the night to Tour des Chutes, in support of cancer survivors.

Now, to pull it all together. Haggen Northwest Fresh signed on as the main sponsor, and Healthy Bend Dental Implant Center signed on as a supporting sponsor. Spooky Dawson helped create the event theme, logistics, pulling vendors + sponsors together, and now we're in GO mode for the event itself. Spooky Dawson's social marketing services meant that we created posters, tickets, signage and have taken to the social media marketing channels, as well.

We're in the home stretch, and it's all coming together. Tomorrow we get to work the event and CELEBRATE another event marketing success!

Spooky Dawson event marketing in Bend, Oregon - Kegger For The Cure

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Spooky Dawson
Spooky Dawson