Our Spooky Dawson screen printing clients are so happy, they're swingin' from the rafters!!!

Check out the new shirts designed and printed for Aethaerial... the logo design + screen printing was done by Spooky Dawson of Bend, Oregon.

Need some shwag of your own? Check out what Spooky Dawson can create for you!

Spooky Dawson screen printing services in Bend, Oregon

screen printing services by Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon

Spooky Dawson also screen prints for Spooky Nation creating hilarious shirts like this Sasquatch For President ornamental.  We make the screen printing process fun and bring a marketing eye to each screen printing project.  Enjoy yourself Bend, life is short, let your brand out of the box:)

Screen Printing Rocked By Spooky Dawson Marketing Group of Central Oregon


Spooky Dawson offers awesome screen printing services in Bend, Oregon.

We've helped businesses showcase their brand again and again, and sometimes Spooky Dawson has the opportunity to help do GOOD with our screen printing services.

3 Sisters Equine Refuge in Bend, Oregon is one of those businesses that Spooky Dawson loves to support. We'd helped with their logo design, as well as the front design for their screen printed shirts.

Spooky Dawson was honored to be able to provide this Bend, Oregon business with fabulous screen printed shirts to showcase their brand and spread their message in such a beautiful and effective way. Shirts will soon be for sale through 3 Sisters Equine Refuge.

Spooky Dawson screen printing in Bend, Oregon

Spooky Dawson screen printing in Bend, Oregon

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We've never lost a screen printing client

And we plan to never lose a screen printing client.  All of our screen printing is affordable & printed right here in Bend Oregon.  Shirts that don't shrink, quality and service that rival all other screen printing companies and a smile as the cherry on top.  

Stop by for a complimentary Screen Printing consultation.  Or email Jeffery@SpookyDawson.com to find out our we can rock your brand with Spooky Dawson Screen Printing right here in Bend Oregon!  


Spooky Dawson, Inked For Your Pleasure Screen Printing to Please

Screen Printing involves many behind the scenes steps to bring clients the best possible product. Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon has experienced people to bring you the best swag for your brand. At Spooky Dawson, we can give you screen printing options that are sure to stand out in Bend, Oregon. Summer time is almost here and you want to represent your brand the thousands of visitors to Bend, Oregon. Give your customers some awesome screen printed shirts from Spooky Dawson. You and your customers will be glad you did.

And don't forget! For all of our Spooky clients, we offer a referral program to save you money on your next screen printing order. Find out how Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon can help your rock your brand in style with beautiful screen printing. 

spooky dawson screen printing


Get the most out of your screen printing in Bend, Oregon

Spooky Dawson, Inked for Your Pleasure has a new referral program for screen printing in Bend, Oregon. Current clients who refer a new client will now get 15% off of their next order! How cool is that? Spooky Dawson does some of the best screen printing in Bend, Oregon and we want to give a BIG thanks to our clients with screen printing discounts that will make you smile. So get your swag on in Bend, Oregon with screen printing from Spooky Dawson.

Find out how you can save on awesome screen printing this summer, give Spooky Dawson a call at 541.678.5636.


screen printing spooky dawson bend oregon


Spooky Dawson of Bend, Oregon knows that screen printing should be STYLISH nowadays.

No longer limited to plain white tshirts, Spooky Dawson offers the ultimate screen printing experience in Bend, Oregon, leading businesses to the finest quality apparel. Whether you decide to print on triblend tshirts, hoodies, raglans or something else that catches your eye, you'd better believe your Bend business will look GOOD!

Spooky Dawson walks you through the entire screen printing process, suggesting what works best for your Bend brand. And they're even available for artwork prep and logo design if necessary.

Get started here to see what Spooky Dawson screen printing services can do for your brand!

Spooky Dawson screen printing services in Bend Oregon - fashion for your brand

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Spooky Dawson Does Screen Printing Right in Bend, Oregon

With so many options for screen printing in Bend, Oregon, here are a few things to consider. At Spooky Dawson, we believe in the motto, Inked For Your Pleasure. This motto is something we take seriously on all fronts, from communication to quality. We recognize that having brand recognition is extremely important and want to help you put your best brand forward. Spooky Dawson provides an array of shirt styles and print locations for you to choose from. We provide free mockups and will work with your budget to ensure you get all you need from screen printing in Bend, Oregon.

If you are looking for quality screen printing in Bend, Oregon, give us a call at Spooky Dawson to find out how we can help get you styled out with some awesome screen printed shirts to represent! 

 spooky dawson screen printing bend oregon


Spooky Dawson screen printing services gives a major shout-out to the Bend, Oregon brands we've helped print apparel for.

There's no doubt that Spooky Dawson wouldn't be here without the support of so many local Bend, Oregon businesses. Repeat business is the biggest compliment that anyone can receive, so we're proud that we've been supporting so many brands with their screen printing and marketing needs for several years now.

If you in need of some branded apparel for your own business here in Bend, be sure to contact Spooky Dawson and see about our screen printing services. We'd love to show you what Spooky Dawson has to offer!

Spooky Dawson screen printing services for Bend, Oregon businesses - brands worked with

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Inked for Your Pleasure - Spooky Dawson Screen Printing Bend, Oregon

bend oregon screen printingscreen printing bend oregon

Organizations in Bend, Oregon who are looking to gain exposure should consider some awesome screen printing from Spooky Dawson. Here at Spooky Dawson screen printing in Bend, Oregon,  we help our clients find the perfect items to represent their brands. We have many options for some really great swag that will make your supporters swoon. One of our amazing clients, 3Sisters Equine Refuge in Bend, Oregon just had some shirts screen printed and they are stoked! Find out Spooky Dawson screen printing can help you find just what you are looking for in Bend, Oregon.