Social Media Bend, Oregon - Spooky Dawson Marketing Group

Social Media Bend, Oregon - Spooky Dawson Marketing Group

Some of Spooky Dawson's Social Media Accomplishments:

*We bring the heat on Social Media even teaching other marketing companies in town how to rock at effective social media.  

*Everyone claims to be a master at social media.  The truth is they are few and far between.

*Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the rest all fit into our social equations that we've developed custom to each industry. 

*Creating good content is the most important task.  Content that causes a chain reaction of engagement, content that brings an ROI.  

*Spooky Dawson has even spoken at the college and currently teaches marketing students effective social media tactics that have measurable results. 

*We started GoodLife Brewing's social media, brought Silver Moon Brewing's from 2000 to 8000 and have helped so many find their voice inside these critical mediums of social media.  

*More importantly, we teach how to reach thousands for pennies directly related to your target market... 


Spooky Dawson
Spooky Dawson