4 Truths about Web Design (Part 3) - Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon

Spooky Dawson offers Four Noble Truths For Web Design in Bend Oregon (Part 3):

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Everyone says they do it on their websites. You hear about SEO, but what is it? “Just leave that to us” is what most other website design firms tell you. At Spooky Dawson we say “Let us teach you what you can do, and help you understand exactly what matters," and of course Spooky Dawson Marketing Group LLC leaves our clients with multiple tracking analytic programs to view their website traffic. In your entire web design, which pages are your visitors coming into your website through? Why are your potential clients leaving your website on a certain page? If a certain item seems to be the highest viewed but not the hottest seller... why? These are questions that Spooky Dawson Marketing LLC in Bend, Oregon helps you answer and also teaches you 'the how' instead of creating a dependence situation!

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