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Marketing Is An Artform...


A Marketing Company With Measurable Results 

"I love marketing in the same way I love Psychology. Every situation, every client, every strategy has to be approached differently; you have to take a client's target market, competition, and future goals very seriously. These variables hold the answer to the math problem. If you don't understand the variables, then you can't solve the equation. The Aha Moment is always right there waiting to be discovered... 

- Jeffery Richard Flones -
CEO Spooky Dawson / Master Marketing Architect / Bend, Oregon

Business is not a dirty word. It's about taking care of your clients 100 percent of the time using the mediums we specialize in:  

  • Marketing Strategy & Content Creation
  • Web Development & Digital Resources
  • Branding Advice & Consultation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Networking Interconnectivity
  • Social Media Execution, Set Up & Training
  • Graphic Design
  • Film
  • Photography

Spooky Dawson Marketing Group of Central Oregon specializes in businesses who want to get the most mileage for their marketing dollar. Of course the hardest part in picking a marketing company is not much different than trying to pick a trustworthy mechanic.  We keep our promises & deliver with honors!

Each brand is unique and deserves a calculated & creative approach.  Spooky Dawson Marketing Group has taken 53 brands to market as well as 13 rebrands all successfully with a zero fail rate.  "We live for the challenge to help our client fulfill their dreams...  

A complimentary consultation brings you our undivided attention. Film out the form below & we look forward to listening to your vision...