Search Engine Optimization by Spooky Dawson in Bend, Oregon

Where do you rank in Google?  If you know the answer to that question, you're on the right track.  If you have no idea what that means... you've come to the right place!

Spooky Dawson LLC must hold in trust our methods regarding Search Engine Optimization! SEO is a competitive and ever changing field. Our company invests a large majority of our training and educational resources into SEO in order to keep our technicians in real time with the latest and most relevant techniques. Spooky Dawson features:

  • Trackable results featuring software in which our clients may log in at any time and view our progress!
  • Bi-monthly comparative reports that show progress, trends, and that also give suggestions regarding how our clients web guests are utilizing their web presence.
  • SEO should lead to results which lead to conversions. Spooky gives you a once a month marketing report giving you suggestions and inside information about what your competition is up to! We do not stop.
  • A deep understanding of our client's industry is employed by SD LLC to ensure client visibility.  This extends beyond the general pool and enters into targeted niche habitats where consumer loyalty and spending begin.

Ironically the misconception is that Search Engine Optimization doesn't apply as much when targeting local markets. Bend, Oregon and all of Central Oregon as an example regarding a local targeted market starts with the first three rules of business: Location, location, and of course the third rule being location. In cyber space your location can change abruptly and unexpectedly.

To maintain your visibility whether ushering in potential clients to your store or restaurant, or moving product nationally you will need Spooky Dawson LLC to utilize the correct approach.

Leave the SEO to Spooky Dawson LLC and take stock in the fact that we offer traceable results standing behind our claims and proud of our referral based marketing program.

A complimentary consultation brings you our undivided attention. Who is that Spooky Dawson you heard about? From the source itself, we are a company in Bend, Oregon that hopes to be a partner in your success. We accept only one client per industry and are currently taking new clientele. Your success is our own!

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