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Top Quality & Affordable Web Design By Dawson Marketing Group

1.  Our web design portfolio speaks for itself.  BackDropDistilling.com, TerraSteelDesign.com just to mention a few. 

2.  Spooky Dawson builds a web site the client can manage without even knowing anything about web design.  This prevents a client from having to pay outrageous maintenance charges for making simple changes.  A website should always be featuring fresh contents.  

3.  We bring the psychology to the table.  Most web design companies are only just that whereas Spooky Dawson is also a marketing company bringing the correct psychological progression to the design of the website.  

4.  AFFORDABLE - Because web design is an inflated industry, Spooky Dawson's web design comes in usually at half the price of any other company with twice the quality.  We only charge our client's for our time.  That's it.  No inflated charges. 

Spooky Dawson LLC Marketing Group of Bend, Oregon focuses on the four noble truths clients need in order to achieve 'success by design'. Web Design is not just knowing HTML, Web Design is marketing as your website design is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Whether you're trying to reach the Central Oregon, Bend, Oregon, or national markets with your web design presence, first impressions to your target markets are the difference between an action that leads to ROI or a potential client to end up with your competition.  

Four Noble Truths For

Web Design Bend Oregon:

  1. Web Site Call to Action: What's the purpose of having a web site? Often we find sites are there just to be there. Spooky Dawson Marketing Group focuses on how can your web site drives profitability. 1st impressions, potential clients looking for your services, on-line retail sales, & branding are key to success.
  2. Psychological Layout – Color schematics that work together to create emotion, text placed with purpose designed to escort your web site guest to contacting your business, or making an on-line purchase.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Everyone says they do it. You hear about it, but what is it? “Just leave that to us” is what most firms tell you. At Spooky Dawson we say “Let us teach you what you can do, help you understand what exactly does matter", and of course Spooky Dawson Marketing Group LLC leaves our clients with multiple tracking analytic programs to view traffic. What pages are your visitors coming into your website through? Why are your potential clients leaving your website on a certain page? A certain item seems to be the highest viewed but not the hottest seller. Why? These questions Spooky Dawson Marketing LLC in Bend, Oregon helps you answer and also teaches you 'the how' instead of creating a dependence situation!
  4. Brand Identity On Web Site – Revitalization of current brand. Creating a theme that magnifies your brand for name recognition and purpose of sale. Web design by Spooky Dawson Marketing Group focuses on marketing to your target and potential target markets utilizing the strengths in your brand to bring you new and residual business.

Click here for a peek at the Spooky Dawson web design portfolio.

Complimentary Consultation brings you our undivided attention. Who is that Spooky Dawson? We hope to be a partner in your success.  Email Jeffery@SpookyDawson.com or use the form below to get started.